Cupping Hijama Therapy

Hijama Session

Per person
  • Approx 45 mins - 1 Hour
  • Full Cupping Session ( wet )
  • Machine Massage (Neck area & Shoulders)
  • Electric Vacuum Machine Cupping
  • Free Consultation & Health Screening
  • Free Before & Aftercare Advice
  • Graston Therapy IASTM (if required)
  • Unlimited Cups* ( within safety limits )
  • *(except knees - extra session required)

About Us

hijama cupping clinic birmingham

Birmingham Cupping Clinic has been runing for over 5+ years and have 1000's of happy patients who have benefitted from Hijama Cupping Therapy. We are fully qualified and experienced in Hijama Clinical Therapy. Read our Google Reviews here


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