Cupping Hijama FAQ's

Does Cupping therapy work?
Quite simply yes! As the main form of treatment in the East for thousands of years, it could not have continued for so long if it did not work.
There is much evidence that demonstrates that effectiveness of Cupping in treating certain conditions, eg back pain, knee pain, asthma, sinusitis (the list goes on). We highly recommend for you to try one session to feel the immediate results of cupping. We are sure that you will feel an improvement.
Why Cupping Therapy?
Will it hurt?
How long will it take?
Will I need to get undressed?
How many sessions will I need?
Will you ask about all my symptoms and make sure that you understand them?

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Birmingham Cupping Clinic has been runing for over 5+ years and have 1000's of happy patients who have benefitted from Hijama Cupping Therapy. We are fully qualified and experienced in Hijama Clinical Therapy. Read our Google Reviews here


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